A Great Work

The more days I live on this planet, the more I realize how difficult it can be to complete anything with determination, and see it all the way through.  It almost feels like there are so many excuses not to finish things well, many of which I have heard coming out of my own mouth.  There are many more people called by God than actually complete the mission. 

I know that God placed a call on my life from an early age.  Sometimes when I’m not sure which direction He is leading me, I get weary or distracted instead of leaning in.  I remember during my first few months of having 2 children feeling like I didn’t know if I could complete the music mission God placed on my life in light of the mom mission. I could not see how those two things could coexist.  God used someone to speak into my life at that point.  I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something like this:  If you follow your dreams, you will teach your children to follow theirs.   We made the choice soon after to become more scheduled with our time and also to finish an album and continue ministering in small churches.   I have learned that God gives grace for whatever He calls us to.

One story that is really impacting me lately is found in Nehemiah.  Nehemiah left his position as King Artaxerxes’ cupbearer to go home to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls.  He says that God put it in His heart to do it (Nehemiah 2:12).  He was opposed by so many, even despised!  He was continuously distracted---sound familiar?   His reply to those he knew were scheming against him was this,  “I’m doing a great work.  I can’t come down” (chapter 6:2The Message.)  Later in the same chapter, He prayed, “Give me strength.” 

All of us carry a call or a dream that God Himself placed in our hearts.  All of us face distractions, opposition, and sometimes we are even despised.   Let us never, never forget that the work God has called us to is a GREAT work for His kingdom.  And just like Nehemiah, it might be a brick at a time, but don’t let anything stop you from building your wall.   He who started the work will be faithful to complete it, and give you the strength to do it.