Canyons - No Matter How Deep Our Wounds, His Love Is Deeper

It doesn’t always make sense, but it’s true.  We are quick to run to God when our hearts get bumped, bruised, scraped up a bit.  But ironically, the really deep, painful things that we experience are much harder to run to Him.  Maybe it’s because we blame Him.  Maybe we want to pretend they are not there.  Either way, those are the things we cover with our own band-aids, so no one can see how deep they are.  Not even God. 

I recently wrote a song with a good friend, Corey Voss, called “Canyons.”  The chorus goes like this: 

There is no limit to your endless love
Just when I doubt it there is so much more
A rushing waterfall that overflows
It’s filling canyons in my soul

It’s the deepest pain that gives us the biggest opportunity for Him to pour the most of Himself out in us in order to heal us.  But we have to be the ones willing to rip off the band-aids.  He is always ready to heal. 

Someone once put it to me this way---we have to learn to hug the cactus.  It’s through the pressing in, acknowledging the pain, and the exposure of the wounds that the process of healing can begin. 

There are deep things of God we can learn no other way.  There are secrets of life and freedom hidden in our wounds.  Treasures of wisdom that we only find when we dig deep into the things of God.  What’s most amazing is, no matter how deep our wounds, still His love is deeper.  He can turn our canyons into reservoirs of His love. 

Listen to this song below...