7 Keys to Motherhood

I’m sitting at my kitchen table, Bible and laptop open with a fresh cup of decaf tea and my sleeping 12-day-old daughter Cami a few feet away from me. Robby, my hubby, took our toddler grocery shopping, so I have a rare break from messy meals, singalongs and post-production on a music project. In this little “selah”, I felt God nudging me to answer a question Krissy Nordhoff recently asked me. The question was, “What are your dreams?”

My answer? ...This ...All of it- raising our girls to know Jesus so deeply that when they walk in a room, the atmosphere completely changes, releasing songs that draw people into the presence of God, and supporting my husband and his unique God-given dreams.

I’m passionate about my family and music, but what I’m most excited about is walking out these two things together. Why? Because I’m a firm believer that giving my kids a taste of the victories, challenges, and sacrifice that go into living out my God-given dreams is one of the best ways to prepare them for theirs.

Motherhood is an invitation into the up-close-and-personal of our lives. It’s one of the most beautiful and crucial parts of God’s design for His children. And contrary to a lie that has gripped our generation: you don’t lose your identity when you become a mom… your identity is added to. God made YOU, with all of your gifts, talents and passions to be your kids’ mom, and they need to see the real you. They need to see what gets you fired up, what refreshes you and makes you come alive!

But if you’re anything like me, a momma of two and singer/songwriter, you’ve probably wondered, “How on earth will I ever have the bandwidth to give my family the care they deserve, as well as keep my craft alive?” Well, I’ve discovered seven game-changing keys to help us thrive (and not just survive) in this beautiful balancing act of motherhood. Here we go!

  1. EMBRACE YOUR SEASON | God weaves beauty in and out of our lives according to His plans and His timing. Don’t let fear of the future rob you of enjoying the season you’re in right now. If you wish you had more time to devote to something He’s called you to in this season, trust that God will allow for that in the coming ones!

  2. FIND YOUR TRIBE | Search out other mommas who are rocking motherhood and glean from them - peers and mentors of all ages - women you can spend time with in person, as well as women you can read about. We all need to see examples of what thriving looks like to remind us that it’s possible!

  3. GUARD YOUR TIME | It’s time to get jealous for your time with God, your family, your loved ones and your passions. Don’t spread yourself so thin that any of them are getting less than they deserve. You don’t have to do everything for everyone. Is there something you can cut out of your schedule to intentionally set more time aside to invest in your kids and your craft?

  4. LOOK UP! | There’s a wonderful book called “The Practice of the Presence of God” by a monk named Brother Lawrence in which he recounts that some of his most intimate times with God are when he’s scrubbing the floor. I often remember this when I’m washing dishes. Next time you think you can’t handle another smear of blueberry across your wall or one more dirty dish to clean, pause… invite God into that moment. Ask Him to fill you with His presence and perspective. Then, carry on with purpose.

  5. GET STRATEGIC HELP | I heard Rachael Myers from SheReadsTruth.com say she’d much rather hire someone to wash dishes so she can play with her kids than the other way around. Can you rearrange your budget or ask someone for help to give you more quality time with your kids and your craft?

  6. PLAN DAILY REFRESHMENT | Turn your shower into a “spa day” with relaxing music and yummy smells. Go on a quiet walk. Send a letter to a friend. Whatever it is, be intentional to fit something into each day that you will look forward to- a time when you can slow your mind down and be still. God likes to meet us and refresh us in these times.

  7. SHARE YOUR PASSION WITH YOUR KIDS | What are you passionate about? If it’s painting, then paint with your kids! If it’s writing songs, sing them with your kids. If it’s hospitality, serve with gusto! And remember that those twinkling little eyes watching you are actually the most significant part of your legacy!

To all the mommas reading this blog, you are incredible. May you remember the priceless value of the gems you’re raising as well as the priceless role you play in partnering with God to see their destinies fulfilled as you walk out yours. Psalm 145:4 says, “Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.”

Your legacy will ring on not just to the next generation, but through eternity, and I pray that today, you hear the gentle whisper of God reminding you that He has masterfully made you for this!

I’ll leave you with a prayer I prayed constantly in the weeks leading up to the births of our girls. (Feel free to insert your kiddo’s name in here if you agree!)


Lord, let my ceiling be her floor. Cause her to jump from the foundation that you’ve laid in my life and soar from glory to glory into the new, big and beautiful things You have for her… May my life- all the growth you’ve caused in me, the depth I’ve experienced in Your heart, the richness I enjoy in relationship, the victories I’ve won in communication and the joy I’ve come to walk in as a result of all of this be like a springboard that she begins her journey on. May the atmosphere of faith in our family cultivate confidence deep within her as a daughter of God. May she enjoy richness, fruitfulness and victory in her life from a young age. May she hear Your voice clearly, even as a kid. May she see greater things than I’ve ever seen. May she soar higher, run faster and love deeper... Take her from glory to GLORY, God!!! She’s gonna be an epic world-shakin’ woman!
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Bria Valderrama

Singer/Songwriter, Prayer Warrior