Brave - a poem

Why don’t we call it courage when a woman takes a stand?

Her words are seldom recognized, unlike the voice of men

Why is she over looked for positions where she could lead?

Her passions are silenced; she is expected to concede


God created us equal, so why is she excluded?

When decisions loom behind closed doors, she’s seldom included.

The world has missed the mark when it comes to a woman’s voice

Her passions, dreams and gifting are reasons to rejoice


Rise up, women of the kingdom, your victory awaits

Continue to fight and run patiently your given race

Be fearless in your conquest. God has not forgotten you.

Though enemies are all around, His strength will take you through


A sweet yet fearsome roar will be released across the land

As women join the battle cry and with the men they stand

Side by side, with swords in hand, they advance into the fray

United they will conquer. They are fighters of the Brave!



Bob Blankenship

A father and husband with a pastor's heart and poet's voice