Things to do BEFORE the end of a cowrite

Wow, that was a fun session! We laughed. We cried. We sang. That's a special song. I definitely wanna send it to some folks!

I share the new song with my mom and dad, my two closest friends, and head to aisle 13 at the grocery store to pick up my favorite quart of specialty ice cream, because, well, I deserve it! Ahhh! I love my life! I know I’ve probably forgotten to do something but I’m just too jazzed to really think about it...It was probably nothing….

Months pass and I receive word that the song made the cut! It’s gonna be released! They just want all the information for the song. I find it on my mac, pull it up and realize what I forgot...

Have you ever tried to hunt down all your co-writers publishing information?

  • What’s your publishing information?
  • Who’s your pro?
  • Did you make a chart? Did I?
  • Anyone know the bpm? How does one even calculate that? Ugh…
  • When did we write this song, again? I remember it being cold outside...your tooth was hair was it must’ve been around…

Yeah….there is a better way! :) I have created a couple of resources that you can use for your next co-write:

Song Template (click here)

Before you end each writing session make sure you have:

  • Title
  • Key
  • BPM
  • Co-writers first and last names
  • Co-writers publishing info
  • Date
  • Key Scripture

Co-writer Template (click here)

It’s also nice to keep the publishing info for your co-writers in a single location.

You might also like to keep note of their writing strengths and personality type.

We have a free Songwriter Personality Test.

Master Song Checklist (click here)

This is a list that will make everyone feel on top of their game.

No more tracking down information. Take a few moments to gather it at your co-write, you’ll thank me later. ;)


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