Important Brave Worship Announcements for Writers

I wanted to share with you my heart for the writing side of things this year with Brave Worship. As many of you have probably seen. I launched a course last year called The Worship Songwriter Mentorship. The purpose for the course was actually birthed out of Brave - out of a need for creating a foundation for us to all have in common as we come together to write. I think that's so important.

So much so, that I want to use the course as our foundation moving forward with Brave Worship songwriters. So, this year we're going to be relaunching the course. The new course is now live and we’ll be starting group small groups the week of February 16th. We would love to have you be a part of it. If you're able to take the course and small group, then you will have some other opportunities…

This year, on April 26, we're going to be doing a Brave Worship Writing Day. Those that have completed the course will be invited to come in and take part in that day together. And, we're intentionally establishing a songwriting community.

And, then later this year, we are going to be doing a Songwriting Missions Trip to Ireland with Ray Hughes. That will be September 13th through the 23rd. In order to go on that trip, you're going to need to have taken this course. Not only just for writing purposes, which is part of it, but we're also going to be taking the course to local worship pastors and writers there. We’re going to need some facilitators to be teaching it.

So, I hope all of this sounds good to you. I can't wait to do more with you this year as songwriters.