It was my first time going out to war

women had never fought in battle before

It was not permitted by the men in the tribe

I was expected to cower, and the shadows hide

My heart was pounding in secret I rode

My long hair tucked away in the cap I sewed

The armor I wore was some I had found

The shield was too heavy and the sword drug the ground

I knew that this armor was not made for me

It was made for a man that’s plain to see

But my heart had heard clearly, God’s called me here

To fight with my brothers, to fight without fear

Why did they not need me? I know I have worth

We share the same enemy who wanders this earth

For centuries past the men charged the field

On holy white stallions till the enemy yielded

I heard of the stories of great mighty men

Who vanquished their foes time and again

I longed to join them and fight this good fight

And today is that day! I won’t rest tonight!

As the sun rose, in the distance I saw

The enemy mounted not ready to fall

We formed our ranks my squad in the lead

Concealing my gender on top of my steed

We fell into formation awaiting command

The general stepped forward and raised up his hand

Quiet soon fell like the mist of the morn

Except for one soldier blowing a ram’s horn

And then without notice the general looked at me

His eyes were like fire on a glassy sea

He shifted his stance and headed my way

His looked pierced my soul, I had nothing to say

He reached out his hand and removed my hood

Caught red-handed and exposed i stood

He yelled for the captain and the captain came near

In his commanding voice “We have problem here”

This soldier is not fit to ride in my clan

Her armor’s too big; it’s made for a man

I thought it was over and back home I would go

But the general then smiled, what did he know?

From out of his scabbard he brandished his sword

As he placed it in my hands he whispered these words

“I am honored to have you fight by my side

When your the daughter of the King, there’s no place you can hide

He said you might come because you heard his request

So I fashioned some armor that will fit you the best

At your ready...the troops will proceed

And charge into battle as you fearlessly lead”


Bob Blankenship

A father and husband with a pastor's heart and poet's voice

Bob Blankenship